If you encounter difficulties while browsing the website or the 9winz app, you can always contact us directly. Right now, you can contact us in a number of ways:

Live Chat

To get in touch with the online support team, you can either use the 9winz website or the 9winz app. 

  • Through the website. If you want to do this through a website, there will always be a message icon in the bottom right corner of any page. After you click on it, you will have a welcome menu where you have to choose your language for communication, English or Hindi. Then enter your email address associated with your 9winz account. Check the box to confirm that this is your account and click “Submit Request”. A specialist will contact you shortly.
  • Via the app. Click on the side menu, and there you will see the “Support” icon. Just go to it, and there you also select the language in which the support will communicate, English or Hindi. Fill out your message and enter your email address from your 9winz account, then click “send request”, and a support specialist will contact you.

Live chat support is available 24/7, so no matter when you encounter difficulties, our qualified team will be able to help you.


If at some point you don’t have time to talk to our support team, you can email our support team directly. To do this, just go to any email, and of course, it would be better if you do it through the one to which your account is registered. After that, write the address of the recipient [email protected] in the message field, stating the essence of the problem, and you can also attach photos. Then send a message, and within a short time, our specialists will try to answer all your questions.


If you feel that you have experienced injustice by our support, or if you think that any of the slot machines on our website are faulty, you can complain directly to our support team at [email protected], which is Curacao Egaming. This service is the licensee of our casino and will deal directly with all sorts of tricky issues. However, before contacting them, write to us right now and we promise that we can help you solve any problems you may have.